Learning through Play

Emergent Curriculum

Dancing Sol’s Nature-based Early Childhood Program provides exceptional quality education for children aged three to five years old. At Dancing Sol children learn through playing, creating, and discovering the natural world. The approach is fun, hands-on and experiential and follows children’s interests, needs and learning styles.

We teach compassionate social skills and help children uncover the skills to make our world a better place. Your child will form a deep connection with nature as we explore the woods every day.

The Dancing Sol curriculum is rich with nature education, and you can expect your child to gain a great deal of additional skills that are behind the scenes. The curriculum builds early literacy skills through storytelling and journal keeping, and introduces children to phonemic awareness through games and play. Science and early math skills are integrated into activities. Children express themselves through open-ended, creative art every day. Children are inspired by a variety of quality art materials, recycled items as well as treasures found in nature. Small motor skills are developed as children use natural toys as well as real tools in activities that follow their own interests. Large motor skills are developed as children run, climb, and balance on the playground, and in the woods. 

All of these skills are facilitated through an approach that follows the child's lead. As the children show us their passions and interests, we expand and build upon their ideas, harnessing their intrinsic motivation. We use the environment as a teacher, by provoking new thoughts and ideas. In many ways, the teaching becomes invisible.


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